Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kmart Layaway

So my husband and I use Layaway at Kmart for several reasons actually.. it gives us this anticipation that makes us appreciate it when we pick it up, we don't wanna use all our money at once to pick up something we really want (make us work hard for it - live & learn), and we like the convenience of the whole thing. Since losing WalMart's layaway a few years back makes us appreciate even having Kmart. So, we use it a lot actually. I can say since we've started doing layaway last year - we've made 10+. So, we're avid users.

But what's the downfall? Their raggity old computers aren't "up-to-date". Like, here's an example. A lot of what says on receipt isn't on the computer - like the amount is wrong and sometimes the dates are just off. Here's one: yesterday my husband tells me that one of our layaways are due.. it was our $300+ one and we were up-to-date with it. Their stupid computer said it was delinquent but it wasn't. I came home checked on our layaway receipts and it's due on the 4/13/2011. Now, being that we have been paying every week for this layaway because of the fact that it's so huge - instead of paying $60 something for 2 weeks we'll pay half half. Now, I don't know if the reason for it being delinquent is because we didn't pay the half before this date (04/13/2011) is why it's delinquent? Or, the computer is retarded. Last we signed for this agreement it doesn't say we're obligated to pay half for the amount at a weeks notice versus 2 weeks. The agreement says 2 weeks. That's that.

That's what I hate about layaway Kmart. I do like it still because it's convenient, again, but it's just bullshit. They need to upgrade their system SO badly.

Monday, April 4, 2011



Period. It was our cousins 35th birthday so to celebrate we had a BBQ dinner. All was in good fun I loved it!!! If only it last forever. Haha.