Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hey viewer friends,

Sorry my Internet is down so I won't be able to blog until I get something. Until then, Happy Holidays!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Many Thanks..

I have many things to be thankful for this year. I have been blessed with a new bundle of joy that should be here by the beginning of the year. I got married to my wonderful best friend. And, I'm blessed for having such wonderful family and friends. People that I am really fortunate to know and have known.

Believe it or not, I'm not a huge fan of turkey but I did enjoy the holiday resting. My husband was off so we just lounged around and I watched TV all day long. LOL. Up until when I really wanted to watch the Beyonce I Am concert on TV but dammit it was time to leave. My husband wanted to go to the black friday thing. It was insane. So, our walmart normally DOES NOT open 24 hours but for Thanksgiving they were. So, we arrived there around 9pm and he went to stand in line! My little girl and I was still in the car as I was trying to get her to just stay with me in the car and watch her videos but she couldn't keep still. Anyways, we went inside to find my husband. And, he was all the way in gardens standing in line. Thankfully he was only the 10th person in line.. it was weird - you would have to wait in line at 2am to get a bracelet and then you can come and pick up your merchandise at 5am. So, when he stood in line it was 9pm the line grew by 2am everyone was antsy but calm. We met a lot of funny people in the line and the spirits were kept high and full of laughter. So, it was good. Then, we shopped around. I must say, as person who has NEVER shopped blitz or black friday, there were SCORING deals. We didn't get anything except the laptop we stood in line for and a $5 blue ray dvd. I love the movie The Notebook so I got it for just 5 dollars. Yey. Love cheap deals. We then, headed home and then went to sleep right away. LOL. Then, got up around 1pm and back up and out again. We had bills to pay and more to check out. But by the time we got there a lot of the good stuff were gone and the sales weren't "on sale" anymore. But managed to still spend money.

I almost missed my appoitment at my OBs office. I'm not seeing the dr 2x a week. And well today, we talked to our doc about the birth of our baby. They might bump up my csection date! So, if anything .. i'll be anywhere between 4 or 5 weeks giving birth folks. Damn the year has flown on by.

Thank god Thanksgiving is over, and Black friday is history. We promised to chill in the house tomorrow no more going out for me. Yep, I pushed myself to the limit today AND yesterday. 8 months pregnant and everything. Yikes. Came home tonight and my daughter wanted to be a model - so I took a bunch of pictures. I'll post one or two below.

Good night folks. I've got major allergies and it's cold tonight. Yes, cold for us is in the 60's or 70's. LOL. We don't get snow just a lot of rain. But there is a cold front or something because its chilly. Toodles.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out

Spotlight Blog: Absolutely Narcissism - Ladies, MUST READ!

I have been friends with R since I was in intermediate school (grade6) and he played a big role in my life he impacted it like no other. He became my "so-called" first boyfriend then. He changed my life going from strictly tomboyish to straight out feminine. I went from long pants that look like boys pants to mini skirts. I wasn't ideally enjoying it but eventually I did become a flat out little girl - getting nails done, secretly enjoying the LOOK of boys versus hanging OUT with the boys. I was beginning to be a little young lady. Well, our relationship wasn't really a relationship. He may refer me as his "ex" but - for me, I don't. Why you ask? Well for one thing - he's a jerk and secondly, he lied about WHO I was to everyone including the people who mattered most (his friends). He would take the photos of "my pretty friends" and label them "ME" so for many years, until I finally met some friends of his, I was someone else. I felt stupid because they kept "giving me the eye". But, eventually grew out of the fact that we were better off as "friends" instead of as a "couple". BUT, here's the thing, all of our mutual friends and a lot of his friends from HS believes he's got something secretly going on. He's very feminine and he hasn't had a girlfriend since ME. So, for years beyond years, I was "at fault" for him NOT finding a girlfriend because his sister thinks "I made him gay". Like, uhhh NOPE. Anyways, we did remain friends even after the off and on 7 years we "tried to work things out" when eventually I met Jon, my husband now. Jon and R were "family friends". Jon was more friends with R's brother. So, when Jon and I "suddenly" became an item everyone around us would "no longer be our friends" - as childish as that may sound. But, I think maybe 3 years into our relationship or maybe even 6 or 7 years later - only NOW people are discovering Jon&I is "us against the world" type of people. I married my best friend. R, kept his distance for years. When I first move with Jon, 3 months into our relationship, R and I use to still hang out being that we were literally 5 minutes away from each other. Until he moved. We stayed friends, R and Jon kept their distances. R's brother & Jon were never friends even up-to-day. Well, anyways... R and I, like I said remained really good friends. I literally, boxed up our past, and threw it in the bonfire (not literally like I did it; total dramatization, but in my mind - I did). And, so he and I ran a business together (as friends). I've always had the dream of running my photography business. It was mainly "photography" & "designing". I was one of the sole photographers AND web site developer..

Well, our "history" got in the way again. FOr the past month or so, his true colors came out. I'm relaxing; enjoying the last few months of my pregnancy taking the time to prepare for our baby to be born, no stress added. Well, I got a text one day saying "I'm not getting any participation on YOUR part".. like "screw you, I'm doing more than ANYONE in my condition SHOULD be doing". I literally should've said "take this company and shove it." but all I landed was "my family is more important" which it is.

Anyways, today - well yesterday, we literally GOT into. He called me a few names. He tells me I'm a bad mother. That I'll never grow up. And that, after being a mother I'm still the same ol' person I use to be "stubborn and naive". The words did sting, I ain't gonna lie, but FCK you to the world buddy! is what I'm saying. I was co-owner of the company, he tells me ONE thing and totally DOES the opposite. I told him I'll be on hiatus - like whoah dude, hiatus means TAKING A BREAK I should've sent him to the library! Anyways, I believe I lost a friend, I lost a business partner. But in the end, this shouldn't be a dream I'm experiencing with my EX or Business partner or FRIEND or whatever - it should be what I'm experiencing with MY HUSBAND. So, flat out made my decision. My "FRIEND" can suck it, grab the company by the horns, and F it. Meanwhile, I'm going to prepare for my son, enjoy my pregnancy, relax and do me, kick up my heels and straut my stuff. I will be back remind you. My friends, thankfully, have supported me. I've explained to them what happened. They agreed to help rally some clients for me. But in the end, KARMA may unfold on me - but so be it. This is MY dream, MY time to shine, but yet MY time to take care of what's more important - MY FAMILY!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FMBT & then some.


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I really don't know if I've done this right, but I'm trying! lol.

Hey friends! So, it's almost 315am. My sugar levels is feeling a little low! And, this little baby inside is making mama lump sided and very uncomfortable. I'm watching him do his nudging in all different places and maaaan let me tell u - its making my eyes burst outta it's sockets. LOL.

Man. Anyways, I'm needing to get to bed and quick before I start clicking on more blogs to visit! haha. I promise, I can sit here for HOURS probably clicking away. But, I was chatting with an old friend and I've got a ton of things on my mind that I needed to let loose so - he was the BEST candidate to understand, I guess. Because, my husband is asleep. Shoot, the entire world must be asleep right now! I've always been an insomniac so this isn't anything new, TRUST ME.

But for reals though, I need to get to bed. Good nite friends. Happy following. I'll go follow people later on in the day. Toodles.

Spotlight Blog: Spearmint Baby.

Monday, November 22, 2010

I Heart Faces : Paper

So I was stumbling on SO many blog sites and I've seen this challenge. And I figure, hey why not. My daughter is trashing the room with all her mess right now so I figure I minus well go ahead and do something with the mess she's making it was either that picture above or this one. I really like that one that I posted in the link right before this sentence. So, just FYI, it didn't seem like the right photo for this challenge although books are made out of paper. Hmm. IDK. This is a better one I guess.

Best one I've seen: Better in Bulk.

3 Year old & Lying.

I'm so annoyed with life sometimes. I think I just need a new hobby that's all. I think I'm gonna take up crocheting again. I really wanna try and do some sewing. I literally need a place to put all my frustration. Besides, I'm NOT patient. But, I seek the outcome and I do it. But, let me tell you, I'm not patient for beans and it drives me nuts that I can let myself get to the point of giving up. So annoying.

Anyways! So, according to my title - plain & simple. My daughter, she's only 3 years old as of September, she's got this thing of wanting to "LIE" all the time. Yes, NOT telling the truth. We don't lie to her or show her that lying is okay. You know? On a daily basis, I'm teaching her that lying is for bad girls and that there is consequences for lying. Let me tell you what she's lying about. See, I'm a vivid diaper changer. Yes, my daughter still in diapers. (No judgement please, I don't have time for that). But, anyways.... she use to tell me all the time that she's gone #2 now when I ask her if she's gone in her diaper - she tells me "NO" but there is.

I don't know what to do about this lying. I mean, it's just a bowel movement but still - i'm telling you this because I'm just irritated that I can't find the way to have this lying STOP. I'm teaching her that it's not right to lie that GOOD GIRLS don't LIE!!! I've taken away her toys, her favorite of "toy story", her DVD player, everything. I don't know what to do.

I need advice.

Do you have a child  lies?
How old is he/she?
And what is that she/he lies about?
What is your way of discipline?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Things to be Thankful for...

Listening to: Newsboy - You are my King (Amazing Love)
Feeling: Genuinely Appreciative.

So I have been blog hopping for several days now. And, let me remind you, I'm loving every moment of it. But here I go with my confessions yet again. lol. Tonight, I've stumbled on the happiest posts and some that have really touched my heart. Some that make me very proud for me being me I guess. Married to such a great man, mothering a beautiful girl and this bundle of joy I'm about to bring into this world. Sometimes, I think we take for granted what really shouldn't be. We should be grasping life as it comes and grasping happiness that comes a long with it. Not only happiness; joy, love, and peace.

There are a lot of people out there that can't afford to be in homes, fed on a daily basis, or even clothed to keep them warm at night. Some sleep with holes in their clothes but it's nothing they can control. And at the same time, on the other end of that world, it's bright and sunny with people purchasing designer clothes, wrist watches that cost more than a damn house when on the other end of that road - there is someone HUNGRY!

I've stumbled on a blog of a mother speaking about the children they have lost. I see mothers speaking of their new journey of becoming parents (NEW parents at that) and let me be honest - I'm so proud of those people who HAVE the chance to become parents. I'm not going to lie either, I gave up a million times, before I got pregnant - I use to blame everyone else and including myself because I thought it was the world that was punishing me or maybe God himself. But, miracles work in different ways. And, I must say with the long road my mother went thru to have both my sister and I (I was born 2 months premature and my baby sister was 14 weeks premature) and let me tell you - I count my lucky STARS my sister is healthy today, from what she was to what she is today, and also I count my blessing my daughter is healthy and my baby inside is on his way.

I think of abortions that shouldn't even be an issue. But I won't go into that. It's too much of a touchy subject. But this quote "A person's a person, no matter how small." by Dr. Seuss reminds me of a little life that could be taken away because a parents' mistake not a childs mistake. 

I'm thankful for many things that I certainly take advantage of. I'm married to a wonderful man that I can honestly say wish I didn't take advantage of. But sometimes, I'll be honest, I forget how good he is. I'm a mother to a very active 3 year old little girl that looks at me and sees a role model regardless if I like it or not. I look at her and I see the world. Counting my blessings, after another 2½ years of trying and giving up, I'm expecting a new life that I'm utterly excited for, hands down. I'm a daughter to a wonderful mother who is ill and I can't seem to swallow the fact that she is. I love her for never giving up on me. A grandmother who did everything in her power to care for me when my parents couldn't.  Family and Friends keep me stable. and I'm thankful for all of them, and LIFE.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Aloha Friday

Good morning world, greetings from the aloha state!! Man it's freezing this morning and have been since yesterday. This is very gorgeous to me though being we don't see snow or 30 degree weather. Besides, after seeing hot sweaty humid weather I'm thanking god for making mother nature change courses! But sadly, we're on flash flood watch and being on an island can be tricky! But, I'm enjoying it while I can! As I've stretched out my year of preparing for summer and fall heat it was good for us this year, hot but manageable, dredging but not-so-bad. It's just dangerous because my husband works around power lines and rain along with lightning and thunder that's dangerous! But it's all good. Im keeping him and his crew in happy thought!

So being that I'm just 7 weeks away I did some baby shopping yesterday. I just bought him 3 long sleeve onesies, 2 regular onesies, 2 pants and I think that's it! Stupid me, didn't get him newborns the first time! So all those were newborns! I cannot believe how quick the year has flown by! I'm starting to struggle when it's sleep time. I can't walk far anymore it hurts but I hold up because I need the walk! But boy, my back doesn't agree to walking or sleeping!

Anyways, tonight will be okay. We have a party to attend. It a welcome party from some family, we don't know of, that's coming from philippines! I'm so ready to eat! Then, idk what afterwards.

My sister in law and her bf is coming in for the weekend. Idk why but just to cone I guess! Can you believe on Thursday is already Thanksgiving? Yikes!

Okay I'm gonna go back to bed. I wake up at 630am every morning to get my husbands lunch ready including breakfast and I have some breakfast myself. Now?!?!? Back to bed I go! Until next time.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pregnancy Update; Week 31

Hello everyone.

So my NSTs, non-stress tests, began today for the first time. And, for the next 4 weeks I'll be going every week. Then, as I approach 35-36 weeks I'll be going 2x a week. Gaw. But it was pretty neat today. It was also the "fetal development specialists" appointment. I'll go on about that.

Everything looks okay says my doc. And, he says that what the fetal doctor was mentioning shouldn't alarm me TOO much. "You pay me to worry. SO you don't worry" - my OB dr. Umm. I haven't lost or gain wait since 2 weeks ago. Boo. But, everything is looking okay, so that's all that matters. As far as NSTs, it was kind of fun actually. When I did my first childs NSTs it was just horrible because she wouldn't wake up during it. NSTs are also to monitor the babys movement and what not. Heart rate, etc. My son, as soon as we got the straps hooked up, the monitor on, etc - he wouldn't stop moving. It was super cute, and I couldn't stop laughing up a storm! haha. But, not every 10-15 minutes later, it was over. With my daughter it would take over 1 hour to complete :( But, my baby was SUPER active enough that we didn't need to go on! yey.

Fetal Development Update:
Baby is a little on the small side. But my OB reassured me that by the look of me because of my asian gene plus daddys - and we're not tall people its to be expected. That's the same with my daughter. He's scheduled another fetal weight check again in 3 weeks. He was going to set up a check up for 6 weeks but that's closer to  my due date which wouldn't really matter. Baby would be coming ANYWAY! haha. But everything else looked good. His head is directly ON my cervix so there was some things he couldn't see. But, baby was okay otherwise. I asked him how I can help bring his weight up or height up or whatever.. and he says just monitor  my sugar levels, get my NSTs regularly, and monitor my blood pressure.

Now the fun part:
How far are you? 31 weeks.

Clothes: It's not fitting anymore. Maternity clothing IS a must. I'm down to wearing my husbands T-shirts which he's advised me to wear so I'm not too worried. I'll whatever as long as it's comfortable. Believe it or not, there isn't ANYWHERE here that sells maternity clothing. Sad.

Cravings: Fruits!! Especially hayden Mangoes and meat of the Coconut. OR anything spicy! haha. I've fallen in love with the XXL chalupa from Taco Bell. Yum.

What do you look forward to: giving birth to this little rascal. He's so active especially when it's midnight or even later than that. When i'm ready for bed and ready to relax he's wide awake. Like, buddy GET TO BED! haha.

Memorable Moment This Week: On monday, as soon as Daddy got home it was  bonding time with baby. And, he put his hand on my tummy and our baby would follow maybe his warmth or just knowing it's his daddy. He loves music. He's responded to the songs "Gravity" by John Mayer or "Mama's Song" by Carrie Underwood. Then, of course, the NST visits today! That was super funny and just really exciting.

Sleep: Absolutely none. With a toddler, a 3 year old specifically, it's hard sometimes. But, with heartburn and headaches with major fatigue is a very bad combo. I literally have to calm myself down at certain hours by reading or something. But, it's all good.

Movement: A LOT!! Like I said, your movement is more when it's bedtime. But, it's a great feeling!

Credits to: Our Cozy Robins Nest.

I'm definitely gonna miss the movements when I give birth, boy!! Anyways, I guess that's it for now! Talk to ya'lls soon. I have to mention my birthing on an other island option next post. (= Unless something else comes up!

By the way; mommies, new posts at my mommy blog along reviews on good iphones apps for education for kids and stuff. Check it out.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My personal website.

Hello world.

Alright. So, I've managed to forget to post my link! I'm sad, I've commented on a lot of peoples blogs, and I've fallen in love with the blogging world again! lol but nobody has commented back. Boo. It's okay, you'll readers will get to know me well - I'm fairly down to earth little things like that don't bother me. I just hope I can make some sincere friendships via blogging. I miss it. lol.

Anyways, here's my personal website folks

I've been updating my Mommy blog as well. That site has mommy related stuff. Where I give advice, and ask for advice. Reviews and what not. Those type of things!!!

Ugh! I'm just overwhelmed. So, I'm going to go check out the 20 something bloggers again. Uber excited about this new obsession!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

New blog!

Hi my lovelies,

This blog is significant for my blogspot friends that their blogs won't allow my (dot) com link! Bu I figure I make this my husband and I type of thing!

Tooodles for a longer post!!!