Friday, November 19, 2010

Aloha Friday

Good morning world, greetings from the aloha state!! Man it's freezing this morning and have been since yesterday. This is very gorgeous to me though being we don't see snow or 30 degree weather. Besides, after seeing hot sweaty humid weather I'm thanking god for making mother nature change courses! But sadly, we're on flash flood watch and being on an island can be tricky! But, I'm enjoying it while I can! As I've stretched out my year of preparing for summer and fall heat it was good for us this year, hot but manageable, dredging but not-so-bad. It's just dangerous because my husband works around power lines and rain along with lightning and thunder that's dangerous! But it's all good. Im keeping him and his crew in happy thought!

So being that I'm just 7 weeks away I did some baby shopping yesterday. I just bought him 3 long sleeve onesies, 2 regular onesies, 2 pants and I think that's it! Stupid me, didn't get him newborns the first time! So all those were newborns! I cannot believe how quick the year has flown by! I'm starting to struggle when it's sleep time. I can't walk far anymore it hurts but I hold up because I need the walk! But boy, my back doesn't agree to walking or sleeping!

Anyways, tonight will be okay. We have a party to attend. It a welcome party from some family, we don't know of, that's coming from philippines! I'm so ready to eat! Then, idk what afterwards.

My sister in law and her bf is coming in for the weekend. Idk why but just to cone I guess! Can you believe on Thursday is already Thanksgiving? Yikes!

Okay I'm gonna go back to bed. I wake up at 630am every morning to get my husbands lunch ready including breakfast and I have some breakfast myself. Now?!?!? Back to bed I go! Until next time.

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  1. I love buying baby clothes! everything is just so cute!
    Nikki Darlin'