Saturday, November 27, 2010

Many Thanks..

I have many things to be thankful for this year. I have been blessed with a new bundle of joy that should be here by the beginning of the year. I got married to my wonderful best friend. And, I'm blessed for having such wonderful family and friends. People that I am really fortunate to know and have known.

Believe it or not, I'm not a huge fan of turkey but I did enjoy the holiday resting. My husband was off so we just lounged around and I watched TV all day long. LOL. Up until when I really wanted to watch the Beyonce I Am concert on TV but dammit it was time to leave. My husband wanted to go to the black friday thing. It was insane. So, our walmart normally DOES NOT open 24 hours but for Thanksgiving they were. So, we arrived there around 9pm and he went to stand in line! My little girl and I was still in the car as I was trying to get her to just stay with me in the car and watch her videos but she couldn't keep still. Anyways, we went inside to find my husband. And, he was all the way in gardens standing in line. Thankfully he was only the 10th person in line.. it was weird - you would have to wait in line at 2am to get a bracelet and then you can come and pick up your merchandise at 5am. So, when he stood in line it was 9pm the line grew by 2am everyone was antsy but calm. We met a lot of funny people in the line and the spirits were kept high and full of laughter. So, it was good. Then, we shopped around. I must say, as person who has NEVER shopped blitz or black friday, there were SCORING deals. We didn't get anything except the laptop we stood in line for and a $5 blue ray dvd. I love the movie The Notebook so I got it for just 5 dollars. Yey. Love cheap deals. We then, headed home and then went to sleep right away. LOL. Then, got up around 1pm and back up and out again. We had bills to pay and more to check out. But by the time we got there a lot of the good stuff were gone and the sales weren't "on sale" anymore. But managed to still spend money.

I almost missed my appoitment at my OBs office. I'm not seeing the dr 2x a week. And well today, we talked to our doc about the birth of our baby. They might bump up my csection date! So, if anything .. i'll be anywhere between 4 or 5 weeks giving birth folks. Damn the year has flown on by.

Thank god Thanksgiving is over, and Black friday is history. We promised to chill in the house tomorrow no more going out for me. Yep, I pushed myself to the limit today AND yesterday. 8 months pregnant and everything. Yikes. Came home tonight and my daughter wanted to be a model - so I took a bunch of pictures. I'll post one or two below.

Good night folks. I've got major allergies and it's cold tonight. Yes, cold for us is in the 60's or 70's. LOL. We don't get snow just a lot of rain. But there is a cold front or something because its chilly. Toodles.

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