Monday, February 28, 2011

North Shore, Kauai

Hey friends,

Let me tell you how nice it is to be a tourist on an island I live on! We have been the tour guides to my aunty guys who are visiting from Pennsylvania and my grandma whom is visiting from Maui. Today was a gorgeous day for sight seeing. The sun was out and we all had smiles on our faces!

Started off late afternoon. We headed toward Hanalei but ended up at the end in Hā'ena. That's the end of the island. Its so beautiful out there Jon, Taty and I did it every year for the past 3 years. And it never gets old.

Well we went to view beaches, high cliff side look outs, Hanalei pier. We didn't get to go to the Kilāuea light house. Maybe tomorrow on our way out into town.

I'm kind of sad that my family is leaving tomorrow. But it was nice to have stayed with them while they were here! Tonight we celebrated my grandma's Birthday she'll be 70 on Wednesday! Time flies.

Anyways I will be posting pictures...somewhere!! Aloha no from the North Shore of the Garden island (Princeville).

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Staycay with the Ohana

Hey everyone,
Going from a day to day posting I stopped just "like that". A lot has been happening around here. I've been curled up in the front of my book lately. I haven't read a book since my pregnancy was over and well with all the chaos going on - I didnt have time. But this time I actually FOUND the time and quite frankly it feels good to read again. It's like my quick getaway. But I'm currently into Jude Deveraux - "The Summerhouse". It's a cute read. On another note, I did mention that my bestie is having a baby...a baby girl - in March (9th) and I have promised myself that I will make her something "homemade" = "lots of love". Well im working on finishing a quilt for her. It's super cute. Challenging but isn't hard. I've got lots of flaws. I wanted it to be done by the weekend, but with my major procrastination, Psh riiight!! Which brings me to my next topic.. I wanted the quilt to be completed by the weekend because I would save a postage cost "( because my family is in town and I could've made them bring it home! But Uhh. It's not completed.

Well my family from Maui and Pennsylvania is in town having some r&r and boy it feels good to be with family. I have Jon's family here, and I try to build a foundation of acceptance, but they just drop me on my behind. So when my family comes in town I have every intention of making it worth a million! So far we haven't done any sight seeing and they do leave tomorrow (Monday). But their r&r stay wasn't to be soaked in with a huge agenda that takes up your entire vacation in one gulp - so my aunty and uncle did their own thing of working out meanwhile me, my husband, our kids, my cousin and my grandma have been chilin. Our townhouse that we have been staying at is frickin exquisite! I will post pix in my next post. And this side of the island, Princeville, is gorgeous and frickin expensive hands down! Me and my backbone, my grandma, have been catching up being that its almost been a month since I've made it back home, to Maui. I've missed her. I'm hoping to go home soon. Mommy needs some r&r too. Oh and with Jaden we notice that his vision might be a little more clearer, at 1mos and a half, he is more fixated on actual things and faces. He coos a lot. The first person he had a cooing conversation with was my grandma, his great grandma/3rd generation! And my cousin accidentally hit my son on his head with a tic tac box because he was fckn grouchy that his dad told him he had to give it back to my grandma and he was throwing his childish temper tantrums. Gosh he's 12 with just no sense of...*sigh. Double sigh. triple sigh! Middle finger up. Lol Jk.

Well, I guess that's it. It's 315am, just got thru a feeding. It's time for me to go back to bed, yo! Gnight Gmorning!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Man, it's monday?

Did I tell you how much I hate the fact that the week is so damn long but the weekend flies by as if it's nobody's business. And because we had plans it definitely went by even faster. So, I don't know if I ever told you about my old friends that I disconnected with because of some super melodrama thing we went thru after I got married in August? Well, i reunited with those two girls that almost ruined me. But it's okay. It was a good night overall. Our kids had the time of their lives. My son was a major chick magnet. And then, my daughter, that's her godparents house and her fav cousins are there, so she was having a ball especially with other kids there - it was a loud house! And, the mommies got to catch up on old times (= It was pretty nice.

But anyways, guess what.. so my family is sick. Well, me, my daughter, and my son! This is my sons FIRST real sickness since he's been here and gosh I hate it. He's got a stuffy nose and sneezing. But his sneezing could've been from when he was born as well. He's had this weird sneeze since day 1 but I don't know what to do. The doctor says it's okay. Stupid me, I wasn't feeling well and I guess there is a difference from when you're pregnant and from when you're breastfeeding. LOL. When I was pregnant I was a mess. I would get sick every time the seasons change. No joke It's true! So, my doctor had prescribed Cheratussin AC it's codeine with Robitussin. And, well when I googled the information AFTER I already took it - it says as your childs pediatrician if it's okay to take this medication. Comes to find out, I'm  not suppose to. So, I couldn't feed him breastmilk for half the day. But I did end up feeding him maybe like 9 hours later. And now I have a major headache or call if a migraine. I'm very sensitive to noise right now but I have no choice than to suck it up. Husband believes it's just "tension headache". So, I took Ibuprofen that I got when my son was born and I had my Csection. Ugh this icky feeling sucks! I hate being sick. But, there isn't anything I could do. Fight immune system FIGHT.

Husband made dinner tonight. Thanks boo. He made us Shoyu Chicken (= Delicioso. My husband loves making that for us because I love chicken, and I love his SHOYU chicken. By the way, SHOYU, in hawaii, means Soy Sauce (= haha. It's a lot of soy sauce actually. And sugar, and ginger, and lots of love. It was good. But, I still had to give my daughter and I - orange juice and chicken noodle soup. Ugh, OJ isn't good for my diabetes but boy I need that vitamin C (=

Ok. I'm gonna go. My son is cooing next to me and I'm loving to hear his voice. So, I'm gonna go hold him while he talks stories with me. Toodles. Good night. Have a wonderful week folks.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Here's a quick movie review. I'm going to plan to watch a lot of movies within 2011. I tried to do it last year but I didn't keep TRACK of all the movies. But I've started to watch a lot of movies since the beginning of the year. I LOVE movies. So you will see reviews here a lot. hehe. I like random movies so please bare with me. But anyways, my first review is Beauty & The Briefcase. It was pretty okay. I had to sit there to actually get my attention. But, I'm a Hilary Duff fan. I have always been since she was "Lizzie McGuire". Anyways, this movie <SPOILER> is about a freelance writer finding her nitch as she enters the world of COSMO (magazine). She gets hired in the corporate world and does research on men in suits by dating them and discovering love and checking off all the things she's got on her checklist. Us ladies we all know we have lists too. We've created them since we were kids. Your ideal mate. But, of course, you need to check out your variety to FIND your right mate. And, so with or without that list, Hilary's character still found her mate. I'll rate this a 4½*.

Here's another review. Now, from when I use to watch Raven Symone in The Cosby's and on Disney Channel - I was her big fan because she was funny and cute. But in this movie she's more of an adult now. She's still funny but I couldn't stand to watch this movie because I just couldn't get interested in it. I even sat there and got even bored and more bored as it went on. When you're sitting the finding MORE things to do or even just having your mind trail off to something else - it's over. lol. So, I rate this a 2. Just not interested.

Okay. So, tonight is bbq & karaoke at our cousins house. Gosh, I really need to get out of this house. I'm overwhelmed with the chaos of day to day life with my toddler and my newborn son. I'm excited to go because dammit, I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT DINNER for once. I've been worrying about dinner since I started my meal plan and boy it's hard work. But, I'm going to try more things like having my weeks on a budget like for grocery shopping and what not. I'm hating the fact that I'm spending more than I should. Especially with TWO children. I have a daughter who is still in the process of potty training. She's thankfully approaching week #2. Longest 13 days of my life. LOL. Not literally. But she did pretty well. She's got it almost down but I shouldn't speak so fast. She has working out in public with regular panties on also bed time. She hasn't wet the training pants for bed so that's good. I really want to organize more. Work out more (gosh I've been lazy. Did Zumba for 10 minutes the other day and 20 minutes yesterday). So we'll see how that goes. I just bought my scale. So i'm going to weigh in, mark it, and work on it. I haven't done the DVD yet (jullian michaels' banish fat boost metabolism). My family will be in town coming this weekend and I really want to work out maybe me and my uncle will do a hike. Never hiked since last year :(

Anyways, I think that's about it. I shall get going. It's almost time to get these kids ready for the BBQ. My husband WILL be drinking tonight which sucks because that's my bartenders place we're going to. But, since i'm breastfeeding I'm sacrificing. I love my kids before alcohol. I found out my gpa got a DUI. He's been an alcoholic since he was 14yrs old and now he's in his mid 70's and with all his verbal abuse growing up - I never want to be an alcoholic or marry one. Thankfully Jon drinks only on occasions. Not at home.

Okay going now. Toodles for now. Happy saturday! Wait..


1. Wii Instant Movies on TV Netflix.

2. BBQ, Karaoke, Food and Friends.

3. My son making his little noises. Heartwarming.

4. Pandora. It keeps my son in a good mood. He loves slack key music.

5. A good book in tow.

6. A giddy husband.

7. BLOGGING friends.

8. Weekends.

9. Following blogs that help you with things like organization, recipes, and controlling my sanity because I realize that my kids aren't the only ones driving me nuts.
10. Memories.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Big Surprise, Award, FMF

TY, Tasia.
My lovely fellow hawaii(an) loves me - Thank you Tasia babes you're the bestest love. She surprised me with such a "stylish" blogger award. Thanks boo. I have never been fortunate to have this award or ANY award, period. Thanks sista. Aloha No!!

The rules for this award are simple. First, thank and link back to the person who gave you the award. Then share 7 things about yourself. And finally, tag 15 other bloggers and let them know that you've given them an award! 

SEVEN facts:

1. 5 weeks ago my husband, our daughter and I were blessed with a son/brother.
2. I'm learning how to cook.
3. I need to keep my weight off, postpartum, I have Zumba Wii and work out videos but I can't stop eating.
4. I'm a wannabe crafter.
5. I love country and hawaiian music, hands down.
6. My daughter is a split resemblance of me looks and attitude and here I am getting upset and irritated because of her actions!
7. I must win the lottery.

Awards go to: Kelli, Amy, Brea, Crazy About my BaybahHolly, Steph, Jessica, Jill, Jennifer, Sarah, Marie, Veronnica, KristineMichelle, and Heather.

On another note, I have just been so damn lazy. I can't find the energy to do my Zumba or any other work out. Boo. Today I was ALMOST to the point I had my game in and everything my zumba belt on with my controller in my hand and all - but my daughter was on a fritz today with totally PISSING ME OFF. Everything she did and say pissed me off. I guess, I really was irritable today. You know, I didn't wake up on the "wrong" side of the bed or anything but do you believe it could be apart of what you dreamed the night before. But, I believe so. haha. I don't remember what I was dreaming about and I don't know if I even dreamed anything.

Credits to:
So, I really need to start my best friends baby's quilt. I've been googling SOME ideas like this,  or this. There is TOO much to choose from. I even look at the news stands to see if there is anything that catches my eye. But it's so frickin expensive, the magazine. But, I need to start it because hello my friend is almost due! Oh boy. But i'm excited for her. I love new babies. And look at Momfetti's crib style one. I wish I saw this  before I went to buy my fabric. Grr. I have to still wash my fabric for the quilt and I have to assemble it and cut my squares and brand it. Ugh. Dammit. Too much to be done in too little time. I wanted it to be done before my grandma and aunty them leave but I don't know if that'll happen. Boo. Anyways, I really need to hop onto that.

I finally started my new book. Gosh! My friend, Loke, told me to read it so I was excited to read it. But this was sooo many months ago! I kind of forgot about it. But when I went to the library in town I realize oh okay lets do this. I haven't read a book since I gave birth to my son. I even gave up on reading. But it put my mind at ease when that happened (reading). So, I decided to pick a book up. And, I so happened to borrow it AND THEN check out the review on goodreads. By the way, check out that website if you're curious what others might think about your book or even just to simply view the ratings. It's a good site. I have a lot of  "to-read" books on my list. I have the app on my phone so that definitely keeps me awake at night with all the excitement with wanting to BORROW AND BORROW and BORROW. So I borrow from the local library. I'm so bummed because our Borders book store (and several statewide) will be closing down. They've filed bankruptcy and has to close their doors. Boo. Sad. I enjoyed going there for free wi-fi or just to randomly breeze thru newspapers, magazines, or finding new books to read. Crap!

Okay then. It's late here. It's like 10 minutes to 12am! And I should be heading to bed soon! Gotta be up in just 6hrs to make husby's lunchbox. TGIF. Today is bills day. Gosh I hate fridays sometime. But I love it because I have my husband for the weekend. Thankfully I don't have to worry about dinner on Saturday night because we've been invited to BBQ Karaoke at our cousins house. Cheee. I'm excited. I need "adult interaction". haha. Anyways, enjoy until tomorrow.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


‎"Lifes not the breath you take, but the moments that take your breath away"

008/365 - New Hobbies
So, I was reading Amy's blog and she was talking about her vacation and getting back into gear and what not. Which reminds me - I have to put a BIG to-do-list and organize my house again! But, she had pictures on her previous blogs about when she was on vacation in Hawaii (aka Maui) and it got me really homesick. Don't worry Amy, I ain't mad atchya! haha. I'm actually glad to see those pictures. I love it when people/tourist come to our island and enjoy themselves. Too much lately we've been hearing of accidents and fatalities here because of careless tourist. It's sad though. I don't want to say that they're INTENTIONALLY dying here or getting hurt it's just natures way of saying be careful. But also, it's our islands fault too! We have to watch for our tourists too. So, please don't take offense to what I just said. This is what I really mean about "careless tourists" there is SIGNS posted in places to be really cautionary where you enter.. say you wanna hike BE CAREFUL not to "get lost" i mean there are people who hike ALONE which NEVER should happen in a place you've never hiked before. Or, at the beach it says HIGH TIDE/STRONG CURRENTS we have life guards and that's when everyone should be EXTRA careful but some tourist don't pay attention to those signs. I know you're on vacation without a care in the world but it's necessary to take extra precautions if you'd like to go back home! And another thing we saw a few months ago.. there were signs at one of our parks here overlooking Waimea Canyon. Some tourist wanted A better view for his picture he went over the guard rail to take it. Now there is SIGNS plastered there for a reason telling you DO NOT go beyond the rail because its may cause "an accident". But, people don't listen. You may think it'll NEVER happen to you, but someday it might and it could've been prevented. I'm just saying.

Moving on... Today it was kind of funny because my husband and I (well and our kids too) were in the garden department at Walmart and I don't know but for some reason I'm always wanting to try and GROW something that won't eventually DIE within the next couple of months. The only thing I let survive was my Japanese plant - a bamboo! haha. But that plant needs such little attention. But anyways, my husband chose a greenhouse thing it's a tray filled with pellet plates (looking type thing) and I bought pots. I want to grow my own veggies. I have a huge yard but I just don't want to grow anything because of my fear of everything dying. So, I wanted to start with flowers (Walmart has beautiful lily seeds). But I haven't decided to buy my seeds yet. My husband and I just purchased our greenhouse tray, the refill pellets, the pots and potting soil. We'll see about the rest. See my husband has a green thumb he's growing his papayas, coconuts, mangoes, lychee, and he's got avocados growing which looks pretty successful. *( ^_^ )* But anyways, I'm hoping for the best with these "new hobbies". We have wild chickens on this damn island that come and kill our crops. Those frickin little bastards. But, they're wild you can't do anything about them. You don't believe me about our island wide wild chickens? It's no joke. And here's the bizarre thing is KAUAI is the only island that has wild chickens running around FREELY versus other islands. Jon tried growing my watermelons those suckers ate them. We also have wild rats - yuck!

But anyways, my shape & tone shoes have been playing a wonder with my legs and feet. I'm glad I wear them though. It makes me feel like I'm doing SOME kind of work out. When I wear my slippers (flip flops) I just feel lazy. haha. But I'm a little more energized when I do this walking with my shoes.

I didn't do my zumba tonight. I'm hoping to pop in either the game or the dvd I borrowed the Jullian Michaels' Banish Fat workout DVD. Gosh, I feel sluggish today! Husband goes back to work tomorrow it's 1am and I need to still clean my chicken, take a shower, and wind down for the evening. Good night folks. Until tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zumba Fitness

Credits to: Savvy Coupon Mom
For quite some time now I've been eyeing down Zumba Fitness. Whether it would be the actual Zumba classes that they hold in my own town, or the DVD set, or even simply the games. Well, my husband told me to drop him off at our Hawaiian Telcom which is our carrier for telephone and internet services well he decided to take a detour and he said "i have to pick up my game" (at gamestop) which - he came out with a huge smile on his face going "I have your valentines gift in here" which remind you is a day late. But better late than never if you ask me. Anyways, I've been wanting the Zumba for a long time, like I said, and he got it for me. Such a sweetheart ya my love. So it was kinda neat. I decided to put it in and maaan me and my daughter went crazy. I may have exercise on a daily with carrying my son and running after my daughter. But nothing beats actually EXERCISING now does it? My abs hurt. I only did it for 10 minutes. But, damn I'm out of shape - it's time to hop back into things.

Credits to: Savvy Coupon Mom
So my daughter and I had to bust that thing outta it's box and put it in the see what it's like. First my husband turns it on and then realizes oh damn i can't do this right now. My poor boo(ster) had one of his tooth extracted today and he got one filling done and he's in pain. It's not a funny feeling. But after several hours of dealing with it. He's not eating solid foods. haha. He was afraid he couldn't eat anything. Poor guy! I was being the best wife I could be tonight and it felt good. But anyways,... my daughter and I started to dance this thing and it was kind of funny because guess what I realized.. I can't do one thing and lift up another. Say do a salsa move I can't life my hands up high while doing that salsa move with my legs. Yep! You heard that right.

So. I did 10 minutes today. I have to weigh in before I start to get work outs in. I did a ton of walking today (which is a start). I'm using my shape & tone shoes while i'm walking so I'm hoping that'll work or give me some sort of benefit. I'd be utterly pissed if it doesn't. On another note, I'm hoping to get MORE Zumba in!! I received my Jullian Michaels' Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD in the mail via Netflix today so I'm hoping I'll get to whip it out. Yes, I'm ready to burn this calories in the comfort of my own home. I'd be piss if I started to gain more weight. I wanna keep this baby weight OFF!!!

Anyways, I guess it's time for me to goo!! Good nite.

But wait before I leave I have to do a quick review on the movie For Colored Girls. Rumors are true. It's not like any of Tyler Perry's other hilarious films. This one has definitely taken the cake when it comes to tears and anger. *SPOILER FOLLOWING*. I won't lie I wanted to beat half the men in this movie. But, becoming a stronger woman is what the price you pay for being the best person you can be I guess. If that makes any sense. Like, for me.. labeling a man "a man" when he's getting juiced by ANOTHER MAN it's gay. When a child gets abused, and the neighbors say so, LISTEN. "Listen to your gut feeling because 99.9% of time your gut is probably right". It's no joke. If you suspect that the man you love is cheating. Dangerous as this may seem, how'd you handle it? Would you go investigating even if you think he's lying in the front of your face? How do you leave the abuse when you know in your heart you can change things? In all honesty, being abused is like a sick disease - you can't get out, you don't know how, and you're SO use to the hurt and pain that you become really accustomed to the bs. But anyways, HIV is a disease and can be prevented. Get tested, period. I give this movie a 5* I liked it, my husband has his reviews and we enjoyed it. But, I'm missing Tyler Perry's comedy films.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kandi Girl

So, I have been stumbling on quite of a lot blogspot bloggers who are shutter lovers. Now when I mean shutter lovers I mean in love with taking pictures, like me. But, since I gave up on a co-founded business and since having my son I haven't picked up my camera. It's collecting dust in my husbands closet. Like, c'mon ashley hop on it. I have been getting inspired to do some of the following challenges like iheartfaces and other random blogs like lgphotographyblog, ashleysisk, and so on so forth. I even get onto Flickr now to update my 365 album on a day to day but it's not like going OUT and taking a bunch of pictures. I'm hoping with my uncle, aunty, and grandma come to visit at the end of the month I'll be able to go on that nature hike with my uncle to do some photo sessions. I miss taking pictures. I think when I didn't put my camera down was my most happiest moments. When I had my daughter I went crazy taking pictures of everything and anything resembling her. With my son, I'm trying. I remember my cousin saying "with my daughter (her first child) I took pictures of a lot of things but when I head sean (her 2nd child, her first son) I don't have as much or even as much as my first". I don't want to feel like that. I know you want to capture any moment you have with your children but sometimes it's hard to take pictures with my TWO kids.

I had a started a company with a friend of mine and he totally blew me like a lollipop. That guy was a total douche to me. I mean, totally disrespectful. And, him and I were friends for over 13years and it's just - amazing. But you just either CAN or CAN'T work with a friend. My family warned me, my best friend warned me, and the world pretty much told me he can't be trusted. But see, I don't look at those people like that. I believe in chances and if I can't or won't give chances how am I suppose to get chances in return?

I'm really missing my photography life. Hey, if you're a photographer, what'd you name your business? Or even just your name of your photographer for branding? I need to come up with a name for my stamp. Like, I have JAF photography for now which is my husband & I. But I want a name branding. hmm Ideas?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Working on me.

From when my daughter was born I simply LET IT GO. For numerous reasons, including the ultimate favorite - wait for it - wait for it - LAZINESS. So, yesterday as I was checking on my dashboard my following friends here on blogspot I realized that it doesn't take much to work a sweat or even get a little fit without trying to kill yourself. Thanks to Shutter Mama's Get Fit Challenge. It's not that difficult by the looks of it. But, I do need to get off my lazy ass. But in the meantime, I've finally got my account back at Netflix and I'm borrowing Jullian Michaels' many work out DVDs I think my first one thats coming in is the Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. I'm kind of excited. I haven't done a work out like that in a long time. Yep, that's why I have all the love handles I can handle. I've already lost all my baby weight from my pregnancy with my son and now my biggest goal is keeping it off. Because we know how stubborn fat can be - it'll just STAY and not go anywhere.

I borrowed this movie. And I'm really wanting to spit it in my DVD player tonight. I have been waiting for my husband to watch it with me. He always bashes me about my "chick flicks" and "tear jerkers" but after he watches it - he'll actually LOVE it. Doofus. I tell you, some guys are a douche when it comes to supplying their lady with those kinds of things. It's just a movie fellas it's not going to kill you. Gosh.  But, I found the perfect time to watch a tear jerker, so I've heard that for colored girls movie can be, it's valentines day today! C'mon now! Us ladies know what a good movie can lead to.. hrm. Not me! haha. I'm on the menses. Yuck.

How do you love your men on Valentines day? I ain't gonna lie. I use to be a big disgust when it comes to valentines. My ex was a jerk and I went nearly 8 years in heartbreak every single valentines. But, I had good enough friends, in school, that made me feel just as loved. And, my mom use to splurge and buy me small goodies just to fill the love. But, 7 years I've been with my love now. This is our first Valentines as a "married" couple. I'm afraid of change sometimes because... I can't remember which anniversary it was I think it was our 6th or 5th year anniversary we decided on "change" my daughter went to stay with her god-mom and my husband and I went to have dinner. The entire time all he wanted to do was pick up our daughter. We went home and all I wanted was HIM but he decided that he wanted to pick her up. We just SAT there. I was upset the entire time. So, I hate change sometimes. And, that is ONE of the reasons I despise change in this relationship. I love how things are now.  Am i wrong? Well, valentines is today and I've been thinking about WHAT we could do. Should I cook and make it something he loves? See, my husband is a man of few words. I'll ask him "what you want for dinner?" He'll tell me "up to you". I hate that. I'm thinking about making them a small pan of yellow cake my husband doesn't like frosting he says its too much so he won't eat it. So, i'm keeping it plain! And well, I wannna go out to eat! But we'll see. I'll let you guys know.

Anyways, I'm really in the mood this valentines just to spend it with my family. I'm missing home again today. Gosh, I need to get my butt back there and soon. I got my subscription renewed at Netflix so I'm going "Add-This-and-That-Movie-to-my-queue-just-because" phase. My daughter is watching her Dora on the Wii. Gosh, here we go! She didn't listen again last night but i'm not in the mood for bickering this morning. Gosho.

Well, I shall go and leave you guys with a good video specially for my Valentines celebrators out there. Happy Valentines Day. Make babies! Or, use the glove to prevent them. Lets do this guys.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fullbellies' Orange Chicken

Hello my favorite people.

Guess what? So, because I had to defrost my chicken and my gas decided to be all dumb with me and needed to be refilled - I finally got the chance to COOK it. So, remember I told you it was between San Francisco Chicken or Orange Chicken? Well, I decided to go with the Orange Chicken and I'll admit I was a bit skeptical because the recipe I found didn't call for anything the other extreme 'orange chicken' recipes asks for.. But, I ain't gonna lie - it was good. good enough my family enjoyed it. Especially my daughter she didn't want to stop eating all the chicken which puts a BIG SMILE on momma's face (= Anyways, hands down it was a good recipe. My husband, who is a man of so little words, said it was good. So, that's just pleasing. Thank you full bellies for the recipe.

So, of course, valentines day is around the corner and I'm really loving this red and pink and hearts everywhere. Ugh! I just hate how my husband doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. Good gracious. I was surprise though a few weeks ago him and my daughter went out shopping and pay bills and stuff. We all kind of bickered at each other before they left and lets remind you - i hate bickering. It's always MY fault. So, I stayed home with my son he was just a few weeks old then - and they came home with a cute monkey stuffed animal with a sad look on his face on his shirt said "xoxo". It was too cute. I couldn't stay mad afterall. I actually wanted to cry. HE has never attempted to buy me anything and it definitely WAS NOT my daughters idea. She only buys things for herself.

But, we did a ton of shopping these past two days.. I went shopping for my fabric for my baby niece, that's arriving in March. I bought a rottery board kit thingy. Husband surprised me a let me buy shoes. I finally bought some "tone & shape" shoes. Now, I'm not one to splurge and I always wanted the sketchers shape ups, but I never found the funds to get it. But, I'm down for alternatives. So hubbie bought me these it was $34.99 original prices $119.99. I wore 'em today and I enjoyed them. I think that's all I bought. But, it's a lot! haha. I also borrowed the movie "For Colored Girls". I'm excited to watch it. I want to share it with my husband so I couldn't watch it tonight because he's tweaking on Black Ops!

Anyways, I'm about to go. Good night all.

Friday, February 11, 2011

1st month shots.

Hi Everyone. TGIF boyeee! Aloha Friday is amongst us! I'm happy on it on many accounts. The biggest thing is, and i do wait all week for, my husband to ourselves. He's been working the past two saturdays. Hopefully, he'll be off this saturday. He's been so tired. Poor guy. He needs to recover. It's been raining too so I'm hoping that he's alright. He's just been drained. And, of course, it's just lazy days for the weekend for us. And, I love us being lazy family weekend. haha. On another note, I wasted all the gas/propane. My husband said that I didn't turn off the heater all the way. So!...being that, that happened, and that our stove is also gas - ugh, you can paint the picture. What's for dinner tonight? Microwavable food. That's for sure. Not so bad though it's not like your TV dinners it's hawaiian food just must heat up and that's it.

Speaking of which, I need to put my chicken back in the freezer. I was defrosting to make Orange Chicken or San Francisco Chicken. But anyways, maybe tomorrow.. I hate it when the gas runs out before the weekend because the place thats open nearby my house, just 2 minutes drive, they're closed! Boo.

Crazy About My BaybahSo, my son had his first months check up today. Ugh, I hate how fast time flies. He's already ONE MONTH OLD. Feels just like yesterday I was awaiting his arrival. Anyways, what comes with first month check up is - shots! My poor boy is so sore right now. But it's okay he's asleep. He's been sleeping all day long, which I'm letting him sleep. He's even sleeping through his sisters ruckus so I know that he's really not himself. The tylenol has been helping him a whole lot. So, he's content. But, he's due for another dose but I'm going to try and whees him off of it. He's not fussy, he's just tired. I hate taking my kids for their shots because of the pain they have to endure. Boy! With my daughter, my husband did all the "consoling" during the shots. Okay maybe "consoling" isn't the word I wanna use.. he was the "HOLD DOWN"!!! lol. But, with my son i have no choice :(

Okay, have a beautiful weekend folks. I have a headache. It's time for some FOOD (:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Relaxing day.

I tell you, relaxing in my house is an understatement. I can't rest with a toddler who just doesn't listen and my nursing little peanut. Oh, and I can't forget my husband. My hungry gorilla man! haha. Okay so I have been on a recipe finding challenge. I'm really wanting to learn how to cook my own everyday/night. Sometimes, I tell you - I'm lazy. Okay. It's not SOMETIMES. Try ALL THE TIME. haha. Last night I was super lazy thankfully we had left overs and my daughter ate with her grandma. I didn't have to push a heavy meal. Yes! Left overs does help.

I made my husband his favorite Filipino dish Arroz Caldo Chicken (chicken rice porrage). It wasn't my fancy, and it was my first time. So, I didn't expect it to be superb! But it wasn't something my daughter enjoyed and I didn't - ugh like it so much. He ate every drop of it including the left overs so I know he liked it, which matters a lot to me. My husband is a man of little words and he'll eat whatever - so it's not hard to please the guy. He won't push away anything. Thank God. I'm a very picky eater. He won't tell me my food sucks. Or at least tell me straight to my face, what a husband!

Anyways, on the flip side. I can't wait to go relaxing on the beach at the ending of the month. My family is coming into town and I'm just really excited to see them! I haven't been home in over 9+ months and I'm in dying need to be home and if they're the closest to getting rid of an ounce of my homesickness then so be it. Thankfully I don't have to worry about the cold. The water might be though but it's not frozen. We had blessed weather the past two days. Now we're guaranteed back in the 70's. Yuck! I want the cold front back and soon. This is terrible!

Ohkay. Gonna go now. Blog hoppin!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

1 month & 6 mos together

Hi friends.

Today is such a lazy day! I have yet laundry to do and I'm just not feeling it. Blah. But anyways, I guess I'm gonna lame out until my husband comes home from work which is another half to one hour from now. That's a good way of "waking up" so to speak.

Anyhoo, today is my husband and I - our 6 month wedding anniversary and also it's 1 month for my son! I cannot believe how fast time flies. I'm thinking about making a little cake for my son and also for my husband and I. We'll see.

Whoah. Time is definitely flying. My best friend gives birth in March and I wasn't able to make it to her baby shower that was this past weekend. I'm hoping to maybe "customize" something for her. We'll see. Any suggestions?

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photography, Imissyou.

Generally I'd just hop back into my ultimate favorite hobby which is photography as soon as I possibly can! But, I just haven't had much of an excitement for my camera lately. About a few months after I purchased my FIRST baby Kandi, she's a Nikon d60, I dropped her. Yes folks you heard right, I DROPPED the poor girl! And, I've managed since.. I mean, I've taken her on my super vacations back home to Maui♥, and she's also come on my 3 month journey to California and Pennsylvania (including the small states nearby).

Just Married with CouponsI begged my husband to purchase a new camera. God knows if we can afford it. Photography has always been my thing way from when I was in my younger years. When my mom purchased my FIRST polaroid camera for my birthday. I believe, I was 12 years old then. Of course, she worried that I'd break it. Then, I went to those stick cameras (gosh I can't remember what they were called). My tia (aka auntie) bought me one of those old school poloroids idk if it really is called izone but it printed out lil pictures and you could stick 'em places too. Here's a picture. Ugh the good times. I use to use moms 35mm FILM camera. But my ultimate love was in photography my SENIOR year of high school.

Wells, that's all. I'm blabbing this weekend.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ugh, she's at it again!

Hello my blogging lovelies,

Gosh, I really need more traffic. But, it's okay. I'm just enjoying this blogging scene very muttts. Anyways, I started a new blog it's called Tha Labor Pains. It's a mommyhood blog. I would present it all on here but I want to separate my personal, from all the fun entertaining ones!

So, I downloaded a new app on my iphone it's called Meebo. I really like it because it has all the messengers (including: Facebook, YIM, Msn, and all that stuff). I really like it because it notifies me when I have a new chat or someone messages me. I love it. But anyways, I got my friend from facebook on the chat today and I was asking her if she had come into the same situations as I am..

My daughter is 3 and her daughter is 4 both kids a year apart even when their birthdays come this year. Well, and both our sons are new. My son was born nearly a month ago, and her son was born halloween day! So, I ask her things about her daughter and her son. She also has an oldest daughter.

Well, my daughter is having issues SLEEPING because what my friend thinks is - "it's a jealous issue". Ya think so? I thought was.. and I also thought that it's because she wants her "fathers" attention. He plays on his Xbox at night with his cousins and he won't get off even if a fire started (dramatization, so negative but it's most likely NOT true). Well, my daughter threw a MAJOR tantrum and she's done this even BEFORE her brother was born. She'd fight both her father and I for bedtime... and when she'd finally lay down to sleep she'd wake up as if it was a power nap and she'd just piss us off all night because she doesn't want to sleep?! Call it jealous still? I don't know but it's starting to get on my fckn nerves, PERIOD.

She decides what she wants. I put her to bed, I read her stories but STILL she manages to STAY AWAKE. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm seriously ready to blow a fuse. I'm just so bothered. I need a vacation, I need a spa treatment, I need QUIET TIME. What the hell?!

I don't see why it's so hard for her to sleep. I don't know what else will help her. She's still having the potty training issues. IDK what to do with myself OR my daughter. Any takers?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm always hungry.

I swear that's why i'm so fat. I love food. So, i'm making myself SICK by looking at recipes. I'm hoping for a better year of eating. I've already managed to RUIN that. But, being that we're only in the SECOND month into the year. Gaw, I hate when the beginning of the year comes - I'm telling you now, and I'll keep reminding you, promises are made to be broken. haha. Broken promises happen a lot during your lifetime without you even noticing it! I'm seeking good diabetic food, or low carb food.

I had a rough day with my little peanut today. He was super fussy throughout Walmart (day2). He was like that too the other day we visited Walmart. I believe my son hates walmart. And, the first store my daughter disliked was Costco! haha. Oh my kids.

I was on skype today. Made me miss my mom, and my home. Gosh homesickness sucks. On another note, I did start a blogspot for my mom (i'll get you the story). I started it a few months ago. See, my mom is ill. She had kidney failure (2nd time in her life, god bless her) and she remains on dialysis until a transplant is available. Guys, the demand for a kidney is insane. Well when I started it, I had full intention of starting my moms story. I want to do a project for her to help raise funds for her and her family. God knows I have taken a lot from my mom thruout the years and from when I was a little girl - I have to give back. I was a rotten child. Believe me when I say it. Well, i briefly put it on hold and in the meantime we found out, thanksgiving week, that my stepdad (my moms husband) has cancer. My little sister, my moms other child, is also amongst their story. She was born 26 week fetal age and she was VERY premature. Nothing wasn't developed well. She has a hole in her heart. I'll send over the link somehow. I need to get this started and quick! My mom has been supporting me a little, being that I live on another island and I'm struggling (in my own way, I ain't gonna lie), and she told me that my stepdads hospital bills are starting to roll in.

So, my intentions are to help raise funds in their name by creating things.. like sewing (i'm not perfect at it but it's worth the shot), sell my photography (I live in Hawaii for god sake someone is bound to notice, right? oh there goes my ego i'm sorry), and/or bake sale? I don't know, we'll see. I also can design online. But, that doesn't lead me anywhere (i've tried).

If anyone has any tips on what I could do. Please, let me know. Thanks.

Anyways, it's 1:30am. I have a husband that is outta commission (he slept wrong a few nights ago and have been struggling with muscle spasms) and i have a naughty jealous toddler and a fussy baby! It's time for bed.