Thursday, February 17, 2011


‎"Lifes not the breath you take, but the moments that take your breath away"

008/365 - New Hobbies
So, I was reading Amy's blog and she was talking about her vacation and getting back into gear and what not. Which reminds me - I have to put a BIG to-do-list and organize my house again! But, she had pictures on her previous blogs about when she was on vacation in Hawaii (aka Maui) and it got me really homesick. Don't worry Amy, I ain't mad atchya! haha. I'm actually glad to see those pictures. I love it when people/tourist come to our island and enjoy themselves. Too much lately we've been hearing of accidents and fatalities here because of careless tourist. It's sad though. I don't want to say that they're INTENTIONALLY dying here or getting hurt it's just natures way of saying be careful. But also, it's our islands fault too! We have to watch for our tourists too. So, please don't take offense to what I just said. This is what I really mean about "careless tourists" there is SIGNS posted in places to be really cautionary where you enter.. say you wanna hike BE CAREFUL not to "get lost" i mean there are people who hike ALONE which NEVER should happen in a place you've never hiked before. Or, at the beach it says HIGH TIDE/STRONG CURRENTS we have life guards and that's when everyone should be EXTRA careful but some tourist don't pay attention to those signs. I know you're on vacation without a care in the world but it's necessary to take extra precautions if you'd like to go back home! And another thing we saw a few months ago.. there were signs at one of our parks here overlooking Waimea Canyon. Some tourist wanted A better view for his picture he went over the guard rail to take it. Now there is SIGNS plastered there for a reason telling you DO NOT go beyond the rail because its may cause "an accident". But, people don't listen. You may think it'll NEVER happen to you, but someday it might and it could've been prevented. I'm just saying.

Moving on... Today it was kind of funny because my husband and I (well and our kids too) were in the garden department at Walmart and I don't know but for some reason I'm always wanting to try and GROW something that won't eventually DIE within the next couple of months. The only thing I let survive was my Japanese plant - a bamboo! haha. But that plant needs such little attention. But anyways, my husband chose a greenhouse thing it's a tray filled with pellet plates (looking type thing) and I bought pots. I want to grow my own veggies. I have a huge yard but I just don't want to grow anything because of my fear of everything dying. So, I wanted to start with flowers (Walmart has beautiful lily seeds). But I haven't decided to buy my seeds yet. My husband and I just purchased our greenhouse tray, the refill pellets, the pots and potting soil. We'll see about the rest. See my husband has a green thumb he's growing his papayas, coconuts, mangoes, lychee, and he's got avocados growing which looks pretty successful. *( ^_^ )* But anyways, I'm hoping for the best with these "new hobbies". We have wild chickens on this damn island that come and kill our crops. Those frickin little bastards. But, they're wild you can't do anything about them. You don't believe me about our island wide wild chickens? It's no joke. And here's the bizarre thing is KAUAI is the only island that has wild chickens running around FREELY versus other islands. Jon tried growing my watermelons those suckers ate them. We also have wild rats - yuck!

But anyways, my shape & tone shoes have been playing a wonder with my legs and feet. I'm glad I wear them though. It makes me feel like I'm doing SOME kind of work out. When I wear my slippers (flip flops) I just feel lazy. haha. But I'm a little more energized when I do this walking with my shoes.

I didn't do my zumba tonight. I'm hoping to pop in either the game or the dvd I borrowed the Jullian Michaels' Banish Fat workout DVD. Gosh, I feel sluggish today! Husband goes back to work tomorrow it's 1am and I need to still clean my chicken, take a shower, and wind down for the evening. Good night folks. Until tomorrow.

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  1. The accidents are so sad. Sometimes, people are very careless. They think that coming on vacation here means they can just do whatever, but it's important to watch out and be vigilant too, you know?

    Your son is so adorable!

    I've awarded you with a Stylish Blogger award, because you are awesome. Hope you don't mind :).