Sunday, February 27, 2011

Staycay with the Ohana

Hey everyone,
Going from a day to day posting I stopped just "like that". A lot has been happening around here. I've been curled up in the front of my book lately. I haven't read a book since my pregnancy was over and well with all the chaos going on - I didnt have time. But this time I actually FOUND the time and quite frankly it feels good to read again. It's like my quick getaway. But I'm currently into Jude Deveraux - "The Summerhouse". It's a cute read. On another note, I did mention that my bestie is having a baby...a baby girl - in March (9th) and I have promised myself that I will make her something "homemade" = "lots of love". Well im working on finishing a quilt for her. It's super cute. Challenging but isn't hard. I've got lots of flaws. I wanted it to be done by the weekend, but with my major procrastination, Psh riiight!! Which brings me to my next topic.. I wanted the quilt to be completed by the weekend because I would save a postage cost "( because my family is in town and I could've made them bring it home! But Uhh. It's not completed.

Well my family from Maui and Pennsylvania is in town having some r&r and boy it feels good to be with family. I have Jon's family here, and I try to build a foundation of acceptance, but they just drop me on my behind. So when my family comes in town I have every intention of making it worth a million! So far we haven't done any sight seeing and they do leave tomorrow (Monday). But their r&r stay wasn't to be soaked in with a huge agenda that takes up your entire vacation in one gulp - so my aunty and uncle did their own thing of working out meanwhile me, my husband, our kids, my cousin and my grandma have been chilin. Our townhouse that we have been staying at is frickin exquisite! I will post pix in my next post. And this side of the island, Princeville, is gorgeous and frickin expensive hands down! Me and my backbone, my grandma, have been catching up being that its almost been a month since I've made it back home, to Maui. I've missed her. I'm hoping to go home soon. Mommy needs some r&r too. Oh and with Jaden we notice that his vision might be a little more clearer, at 1mos and a half, he is more fixated on actual things and faces. He coos a lot. The first person he had a cooing conversation with was my grandma, his great grandma/3rd generation! And my cousin accidentally hit my son on his head with a tic tac box because he was fckn grouchy that his dad told him he had to give it back to my grandma and he was throwing his childish temper tantrums. Gosh he's 12 with just no sense of...*sigh. Double sigh. triple sigh! Middle finger up. Lol Jk.

Well, I guess that's it. It's 315am, just got thru a feeding. It's time for me to go back to bed, yo! Gnight Gmorning!

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