Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Relaxing day.

I tell you, relaxing in my house is an understatement. I can't rest with a toddler who just doesn't listen and my nursing little peanut. Oh, and I can't forget my husband. My hungry gorilla man! haha. Okay so I have been on a recipe finding challenge. I'm really wanting to learn how to cook my own everyday/night. Sometimes, I tell you - I'm lazy. Okay. It's not SOMETIMES. Try ALL THE TIME. haha. Last night I was super lazy thankfully we had left overs and my daughter ate with her grandma. I didn't have to push a heavy meal. Yes! Left overs does help.

I made my husband his favorite Filipino dish Arroz Caldo Chicken (chicken rice porrage). It wasn't my fancy, and it was my first time. So, I didn't expect it to be superb! But it wasn't something my daughter enjoyed and I didn't - ugh like it so much. He ate every drop of it including the left overs so I know he liked it, which matters a lot to me. My husband is a man of little words and he'll eat whatever - so it's not hard to please the guy. He won't push away anything. Thank God. I'm a very picky eater. He won't tell me my food sucks. Or at least tell me straight to my face, what a husband!

Anyways, on the flip side. I can't wait to go relaxing on the beach at the ending of the month. My family is coming into town and I'm just really excited to see them! I haven't been home in over 9+ months and I'm in dying need to be home and if they're the closest to getting rid of an ounce of my homesickness then so be it. Thankfully I don't have to worry about the cold. The water might be though but it's not frozen. We had blessed weather the past two days. Now we're guaranteed back in the 70's. Yuck! I want the cold front back and soon. This is terrible!

Ohkay. Gonna go now. Blog hoppin!!!

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