Friday, February 4, 2011

Ugh, she's at it again!

Hello my blogging lovelies,

Gosh, I really need more traffic. But, it's okay. I'm just enjoying this blogging scene very muttts. Anyways, I started a new blog it's called Tha Labor Pains. It's a mommyhood blog. I would present it all on here but I want to separate my personal, from all the fun entertaining ones!

So, I downloaded a new app on my iphone it's called Meebo. I really like it because it has all the messengers (including: Facebook, YIM, Msn, and all that stuff). I really like it because it notifies me when I have a new chat or someone messages me. I love it. But anyways, I got my friend from facebook on the chat today and I was asking her if she had come into the same situations as I am..

My daughter is 3 and her daughter is 4 both kids a year apart even when their birthdays come this year. Well, and both our sons are new. My son was born nearly a month ago, and her son was born halloween day! So, I ask her things about her daughter and her son. She also has an oldest daughter.

Well, my daughter is having issues SLEEPING because what my friend thinks is - "it's a jealous issue". Ya think so? I thought was.. and I also thought that it's because she wants her "fathers" attention. He plays on his Xbox at night with his cousins and he won't get off even if a fire started (dramatization, so negative but it's most likely NOT true). Well, my daughter threw a MAJOR tantrum and she's done this even BEFORE her brother was born. She'd fight both her father and I for bedtime... and when she'd finally lay down to sleep she'd wake up as if it was a power nap and she'd just piss us off all night because she doesn't want to sleep?! Call it jealous still? I don't know but it's starting to get on my fckn nerves, PERIOD.

She decides what she wants. I put her to bed, I read her stories but STILL she manages to STAY AWAKE. I don't know what to do anymore. I'm seriously ready to blow a fuse. I'm just so bothered. I need a vacation, I need a spa treatment, I need QUIET TIME. What the hell?!

I don't see why it's so hard for her to sleep. I don't know what else will help her. She's still having the potty training issues. IDK what to do with myself OR my daughter. Any takers?

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