Monday, February 21, 2011

Man, it's monday?

Did I tell you how much I hate the fact that the week is so damn long but the weekend flies by as if it's nobody's business. And because we had plans it definitely went by even faster. So, I don't know if I ever told you about my old friends that I disconnected with because of some super melodrama thing we went thru after I got married in August? Well, i reunited with those two girls that almost ruined me. But it's okay. It was a good night overall. Our kids had the time of their lives. My son was a major chick magnet. And then, my daughter, that's her godparents house and her fav cousins are there, so she was having a ball especially with other kids there - it was a loud house! And, the mommies got to catch up on old times (= It was pretty nice.

But anyways, guess what.. so my family is sick. Well, me, my daughter, and my son! This is my sons FIRST real sickness since he's been here and gosh I hate it. He's got a stuffy nose and sneezing. But his sneezing could've been from when he was born as well. He's had this weird sneeze since day 1 but I don't know what to do. The doctor says it's okay. Stupid me, I wasn't feeling well and I guess there is a difference from when you're pregnant and from when you're breastfeeding. LOL. When I was pregnant I was a mess. I would get sick every time the seasons change. No joke It's true! So, my doctor had prescribed Cheratussin AC it's codeine with Robitussin. And, well when I googled the information AFTER I already took it - it says as your childs pediatrician if it's okay to take this medication. Comes to find out, I'm  not suppose to. So, I couldn't feed him breastmilk for half the day. But I did end up feeding him maybe like 9 hours later. And now I have a major headache or call if a migraine. I'm very sensitive to noise right now but I have no choice than to suck it up. Husband believes it's just "tension headache". So, I took Ibuprofen that I got when my son was born and I had my Csection. Ugh this icky feeling sucks! I hate being sick. But, there isn't anything I could do. Fight immune system FIGHT.

Husband made dinner tonight. Thanks boo. He made us Shoyu Chicken (= Delicioso. My husband loves making that for us because I love chicken, and I love his SHOYU chicken. By the way, SHOYU, in hawaii, means Soy Sauce (= haha. It's a lot of soy sauce actually. And sugar, and ginger, and lots of love. It was good. But, I still had to give my daughter and I - orange juice and chicken noodle soup. Ugh, OJ isn't good for my diabetes but boy I need that vitamin C (=

Ok. I'm gonna go. My son is cooing next to me and I'm loving to hear his voice. So, I'm gonna go hold him while he talks stories with me. Toodles. Good night. Have a wonderful week folks.

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