Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Zumba Fitness

Credits to: Savvy Coupon Mom
For quite some time now I've been eyeing down Zumba Fitness. Whether it would be the actual Zumba classes that they hold in my own town, or the DVD set, or even simply the games. Well, my husband told me to drop him off at our Hawaiian Telcom which is our carrier for telephone and internet services well he decided to take a detour and he said "i have to pick up my game" (at gamestop) which - he came out with a huge smile on his face going "I have your valentines gift in here" which remind you is a day late. But better late than never if you ask me. Anyways, I've been wanting the Zumba for a long time, like I said, and he got it for me. Such a sweetheart ya my love. So it was kinda neat. I decided to put it in and maaan me and my daughter went crazy. I may have exercise on a daily with carrying my son and running after my daughter. But nothing beats actually EXERCISING now does it? My abs hurt. I only did it for 10 minutes. But, damn I'm out of shape - it's time to hop back into things.

Credits to: Savvy Coupon Mom
So my daughter and I had to bust that thing outta it's box and put it in the see what it's like. First my husband turns it on and then realizes oh damn i can't do this right now. My poor boo(ster) had one of his tooth extracted today and he got one filling done and he's in pain. It's not a funny feeling. But after several hours of dealing with it. He's not eating solid foods. haha. He was afraid he couldn't eat anything. Poor guy! I was being the best wife I could be tonight and it felt good. But anyways,... my daughter and I started to dance this thing and it was kind of funny because guess what I realized.. I can't do one thing and lift up another. Say do a salsa move I can't life my hands up high while doing that salsa move with my legs. Yep! You heard that right.

So. I did 10 minutes today. I have to weigh in before I start to get work outs in. I did a ton of walking today (which is a start). I'm using my shape & tone shoes while i'm walking so I'm hoping that'll work or give me some sort of benefit. I'd be utterly pissed if it doesn't. On another note, I'm hoping to get MORE Zumba in!! I received my Jullian Michaels' Banish Fat Boost Metabolism DVD in the mail via Netflix today so I'm hoping I'll get to whip it out. Yes, I'm ready to burn this calories in the comfort of my own home. I'd be piss if I started to gain more weight. I wanna keep this baby weight OFF!!!

Anyways, I guess it's time for me to goo!! Good nite.

But wait before I leave I have to do a quick review on the movie For Colored Girls. Rumors are true. It's not like any of Tyler Perry's other hilarious films. This one has definitely taken the cake when it comes to tears and anger. *SPOILER FOLLOWING*. I won't lie I wanted to beat half the men in this movie. But, becoming a stronger woman is what the price you pay for being the best person you can be I guess. If that makes any sense. Like, for me.. labeling a man "a man" when he's getting juiced by ANOTHER MAN it's gay. When a child gets abused, and the neighbors say so, LISTEN. "Listen to your gut feeling because 99.9% of time your gut is probably right". It's no joke. If you suspect that the man you love is cheating. Dangerous as this may seem, how'd you handle it? Would you go investigating even if you think he's lying in the front of your face? How do you leave the abuse when you know in your heart you can change things? In all honesty, being abused is like a sick disease - you can't get out, you don't know how, and you're SO use to the hurt and pain that you become really accustomed to the bs. But anyways, HIV is a disease and can be prevented. Get tested, period. I give this movie a 5* I liked it, my husband has his reviews and we enjoyed it. But, I'm missing Tyler Perry's comedy films.

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  1. I really like Zumba. If you liked the WII one then you should try a class because it is the exact same thing...except with real people and you are more likely to keep doing it longer. :)

    And no, I got your letter yesterday? Monday? lol, those 2 days run together because I was sick Monday. We will be gone tonight but I'm going to try to write you back today...we will see about that. lol