Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fullbellies' Orange Chicken

Hello my favorite people.

Guess what? So, because I had to defrost my chicken and my gas decided to be all dumb with me and needed to be refilled - I finally got the chance to COOK it. So, remember I told you it was between San Francisco Chicken or Orange Chicken? Well, I decided to go with the Orange Chicken and I'll admit I was a bit skeptical because the recipe I found didn't call for anything the other extreme 'orange chicken' recipes asks for.. But, I ain't gonna lie - it was good. good enough my family enjoyed it. Especially my daughter she didn't want to stop eating all the chicken which puts a BIG SMILE on momma's face (= Anyways, hands down it was a good recipe. My husband, who is a man of so little words, said it was good. So, that's just pleasing. Thank you full bellies for the recipe.

So, of course, valentines day is around the corner and I'm really loving this red and pink and hearts everywhere. Ugh! I just hate how my husband doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. Good gracious. I was surprise though a few weeks ago him and my daughter went out shopping and pay bills and stuff. We all kind of bickered at each other before they left and lets remind you - i hate bickering. It's always MY fault. So, I stayed home with my son he was just a few weeks old then - and they came home with a cute monkey stuffed animal with a sad look on his face on his shirt said "xoxo". It was too cute. I couldn't stay mad afterall. I actually wanted to cry. HE has never attempted to buy me anything and it definitely WAS NOT my daughters idea. She only buys things for herself.

But, we did a ton of shopping these past two days.. I went shopping for my fabric for my baby niece, that's arriving in March. I bought a rottery board kit thingy. Husband surprised me a let me buy shoes. I finally bought some "tone & shape" shoes. Now, I'm not one to splurge and I always wanted the sketchers shape ups, but I never found the funds to get it. But, I'm down for alternatives. So hubbie bought me these it was $34.99 original prices $119.99. I wore 'em today and I enjoyed them. I think that's all I bought. But, it's a lot! haha. I also borrowed the movie "For Colored Girls". I'm excited to watch it. I want to share it with my husband so I couldn't watch it tonight because he's tweaking on Black Ops!

Anyways, I'm about to go. Good night all.

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