Friday, February 11, 2011

1st month shots.

Hi Everyone. TGIF boyeee! Aloha Friday is amongst us! I'm happy on it on many accounts. The biggest thing is, and i do wait all week for, my husband to ourselves. He's been working the past two saturdays. Hopefully, he'll be off this saturday. He's been so tired. Poor guy. He needs to recover. It's been raining too so I'm hoping that he's alright. He's just been drained. And, of course, it's just lazy days for the weekend for us. And, I love us being lazy family weekend. haha. On another note, I wasted all the gas/propane. My husband said that I didn't turn off the heater all the way. So!...being that, that happened, and that our stove is also gas - ugh, you can paint the picture. What's for dinner tonight? Microwavable food. That's for sure. Not so bad though it's not like your TV dinners it's hawaiian food just must heat up and that's it.

Speaking of which, I need to put my chicken back in the freezer. I was defrosting to make Orange Chicken or San Francisco Chicken. But anyways, maybe tomorrow.. I hate it when the gas runs out before the weekend because the place thats open nearby my house, just 2 minutes drive, they're closed! Boo.

Crazy About My BaybahSo, my son had his first months check up today. Ugh, I hate how fast time flies. He's already ONE MONTH OLD. Feels just like yesterday I was awaiting his arrival. Anyways, what comes with first month check up is - shots! My poor boy is so sore right now. But it's okay he's asleep. He's been sleeping all day long, which I'm letting him sleep. He's even sleeping through his sisters ruckus so I know that he's really not himself. The tylenol has been helping him a whole lot. So, he's content. But, he's due for another dose but I'm going to try and whees him off of it. He's not fussy, he's just tired. I hate taking my kids for their shots because of the pain they have to endure. Boy! With my daughter, my husband did all the "consoling" during the shots. Okay maybe "consoling" isn't the word I wanna use.. he was the "HOLD DOWN"!!! lol. But, with my son i have no choice :(

Okay, have a beautiful weekend folks. I have a headache. It's time for some FOOD (:

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