Monday, February 7, 2011

1 month & 6 mos together

Hi friends.

Today is such a lazy day! I have yet laundry to do and I'm just not feeling it. Blah. But anyways, I guess I'm gonna lame out until my husband comes home from work which is another half to one hour from now. That's a good way of "waking up" so to speak.

Anyhoo, today is my husband and I - our 6 month wedding anniversary and also it's 1 month for my son! I cannot believe how fast time flies. I'm thinking about making a little cake for my son and also for my husband and I. We'll see.

Whoah. Time is definitely flying. My best friend gives birth in March and I wasn't able to make it to her baby shower that was this past weekend. I'm hoping to maybe "customize" something for her. We'll see. Any suggestions?


  1. Aww! Lots of Celebrating today!! That's wonderful! Your son is absolutely darling!