Monday, February 14, 2011

Working on me.

From when my daughter was born I simply LET IT GO. For numerous reasons, including the ultimate favorite - wait for it - wait for it - LAZINESS. So, yesterday as I was checking on my dashboard my following friends here on blogspot I realized that it doesn't take much to work a sweat or even get a little fit without trying to kill yourself. Thanks to Shutter Mama's Get Fit Challenge. It's not that difficult by the looks of it. But, I do need to get off my lazy ass. But in the meantime, I've finally got my account back at Netflix and I'm borrowing Jullian Michaels' many work out DVDs I think my first one thats coming in is the Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. I'm kind of excited. I haven't done a work out like that in a long time. Yep, that's why I have all the love handles I can handle. I've already lost all my baby weight from my pregnancy with my son and now my biggest goal is keeping it off. Because we know how stubborn fat can be - it'll just STAY and not go anywhere.

I borrowed this movie. And I'm really wanting to spit it in my DVD player tonight. I have been waiting for my husband to watch it with me. He always bashes me about my "chick flicks" and "tear jerkers" but after he watches it - he'll actually LOVE it. Doofus. I tell you, some guys are a douche when it comes to supplying their lady with those kinds of things. It's just a movie fellas it's not going to kill you. Gosh.  But, I found the perfect time to watch a tear jerker, so I've heard that for colored girls movie can be, it's valentines day today! C'mon now! Us ladies know what a good movie can lead to.. hrm. Not me! haha. I'm on the menses. Yuck.

How do you love your men on Valentines day? I ain't gonna lie. I use to be a big disgust when it comes to valentines. My ex was a jerk and I went nearly 8 years in heartbreak every single valentines. But, I had good enough friends, in school, that made me feel just as loved. And, my mom use to splurge and buy me small goodies just to fill the love. But, 7 years I've been with my love now. This is our first Valentines as a "married" couple. I'm afraid of change sometimes because... I can't remember which anniversary it was I think it was our 6th or 5th year anniversary we decided on "change" my daughter went to stay with her god-mom and my husband and I went to have dinner. The entire time all he wanted to do was pick up our daughter. We went home and all I wanted was HIM but he decided that he wanted to pick her up. We just SAT there. I was upset the entire time. So, I hate change sometimes. And, that is ONE of the reasons I despise change in this relationship. I love how things are now.  Am i wrong? Well, valentines is today and I've been thinking about WHAT we could do. Should I cook and make it something he loves? See, my husband is a man of few words. I'll ask him "what you want for dinner?" He'll tell me "up to you". I hate that. I'm thinking about making them a small pan of yellow cake my husband doesn't like frosting he says its too much so he won't eat it. So, i'm keeping it plain! And well, I wannna go out to eat! But we'll see. I'll let you guys know.

Anyways, I'm really in the mood this valentines just to spend it with my family. I'm missing home again today. Gosh, I need to get my butt back there and soon. I got my subscription renewed at Netflix so I'm going "Add-This-and-That-Movie-to-my-queue-just-because" phase. My daughter is watching her Dora on the Wii. Gosh, here we go! She didn't listen again last night but i'm not in the mood for bickering this morning. Gosho.

Well, I shall go and leave you guys with a good video specially for my Valentines celebrators out there. Happy Valentines Day. Make babies! Or, use the glove to prevent them. Lets do this guys.

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