Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photography, Imissyou.

Generally I'd just hop back into my ultimate favorite hobby which is photography as soon as I possibly can! But, I just haven't had much of an excitement for my camera lately. About a few months after I purchased my FIRST baby Kandi, she's a Nikon d60, I dropped her. Yes folks you heard right, I DROPPED the poor girl! And, I've managed since.. I mean, I've taken her on my super vacations back home to Maui♥, and she's also come on my 3 month journey to California and Pennsylvania (including the small states nearby).

Just Married with CouponsI begged my husband to purchase a new camera. God knows if we can afford it. Photography has always been my thing way from when I was in my younger years. When my mom purchased my FIRST polaroid camera for my birthday. I believe, I was 12 years old then. Of course, she worried that I'd break it. Then, I went to those stick cameras (gosh I can't remember what they were called). My tia (aka auntie) bought me one of those old school poloroids idk if it really is called izone but it printed out lil pictures and you could stick 'em places too. Here's a picture. Ugh the good times. I use to use moms 35mm FILM camera. But my ultimate love was in photography my SENIOR year of high school.

Wells, that's all. I'm blabbing this weekend.

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