Sunday, January 30, 2011

Country Love

I swear, sometimes I can't get off this country music wagon! I just can't. I'm very in love with Keith Urban! So, his "tonight I wanna cry" station on Pandora is the bomb diggity. I know, I come from a different breed. When you look at me you'd never know I ADORE COUNTRY MUSIC. Don't judge, it's greatness. Anyways, whatever about that one. I just like slow love songs that's country so stop it. haha. Favorite female artist is Carrie Underwood. Okay enough about that seriously.

Ugh, alright so I WAS enjoying my very fast half and hour MOMMY time. My daughter was asleep, her daddy, and her brother too! I was loving this music and I was just in bliss until I hear my daughter stir. Okay, so can I do a quick vent - my daughter hasn't been to "happy" about her brother getting a lot of attention. We still include her in a lot of things don't get me wrong but I think she's more remembering the "scoldings she has been receiving instead. But, it's for a lot of reasons. And, she's been throwing her "terrible 2" tantrums like it's nobodys business. When it's bedtime, she'll fight until 2am. The other night, she decided all on her own that she wants to throw a fit her father and I was like - alright do what you want. She eventually went to bed. She fell asleep anywhere between 2-3am because I fell asleep and I woke up at 3am to check on her (one eye open) and feed my son. So, let me just say I WAS A GROUCH! I could've auditioned for the next grumpier old women! haha. Its been a rough road. And, i'll explain more in my OTHER blog.

But I try! Hey, so the image you see above is of my personal website. I've been meaning to tell you guys about my update! I have a new layout up and I'm not proud of it but it's alright for the time being. Blah. It's just whatever. haha.

Anyways, I wanna make some brownies. Dammit, I don't wanna leave the house right now. Lazy bum!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Boost My Blog Friday!

Hey everyone.


It's that time again. Well, I've been meaning to post this "draft" i had made yesterday but i'm not done with the post! grr. It's all about "new beginnings for the new year" really. I'm such a lazy bum - I'm hyped thru the beginning of the year to 1) get organized 2) start something new (and guesss what? Most likely NEVER finish) and 3) randomly just quick all together. I tell you, I quit making new years resolutions because HELLO? does anyone keep them anymore? Sheesh.

So, needless to say, it's ALOHA friday here in the hawaii state! It's going to be sunshining outside I know it. I just want to get some BBQing done! I need me some steak. Yum! But, we'll see. haha. On another note, I WANT RAIN!!! See, it never snows here in the HI but instead of snow RAIN takes over!

Ohkie dokie. My new layout is up for my Sweet-Essence account. Yesss!! It's very plain and simple only because I had a christmas theme up and it definitely needed to come down. I'd put a Valentines one up too but I'm just not in the mood. I swear, Vday is approaching really quick. I was mad at my husband and daughter a few days last week and guess what they come home with? A sad eyed monkey (i love monkies). haha. SO funny, that was my vday gift. Yey! That's better than nothing right? For the past 6 years I was with my husband never got a vday gift until we made 7 years, and married for almost 6 months! Nice one!

Anyways, blog hoppin I go!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Way Satisfying Wed Comment Hop

Hello Everybody,

I'm here. FINALLY! I have internet at my house. Gaw, it was forever. I can live maybe a few months without internet not nearly 5 months without it. Guys, that's almost 1 year! Haha. Yes, time flew by without my noticing. But, it's okay I took us not having internet as a way to sorta just "get my groove" before baby arrived. Spending quality time with my family. Enjoy having just ONE naughty kid before the 2nd arrives. Give my little girl a little more attention before baby arrived. So, all is good.

So, on January 7th, my son was born! I tried to go for the 1st of January - ha, didn't happen! So, I was admitted on January 6th and by 8am the next morning I was ready for this baby! He's such a good baby for the most part. But with his arrival and all - I'm hoping to open up my "mama's world" segment on my website. But, my host is having to switch servers so I don't know what's up! It's all good.

Well, I shall get going lot of peoples blogs to visit. See ya!

Plugging: Sandra the "Absolutely Narcissism" does it again! - She cracks me up!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years, New You!!!

Oh my goodness it's already the 4th of January!!! Can you believe it? Gosh I sure can. I'm getting reminded everyday about how fast time is flying!!! So I don't have internet at my house at the moment but I'm hoping it will come back on soon!

So updates:
- my pregnancy is almost over!!!
...I'm giving birth on Friday 01/07/2011.
- my daughter is pretending she's the queen of the house especially with her tantrums.
- if someone asks me one more time if I'm ready for the baby I'm gonna hit you. Question to really ask yourself is "will you ever be ready for a new baby?"
- I've been married for 5 months when my son is born!!

Nothing else really thats just random gibberish. I saw two good movies so far this year "Easy A" and "Step up 3". Great movies!

Anyways I have a whole lot to do still before baby boy is born! Today is tuesday and I get admitted into the hospital on Thursday! Ugh. I haven't washed his laundry, didn't purchase his car seat and stroller, and my penpals are having a cow about late responses!

Anyways until next time!!!