Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years, New You!!!

Oh my goodness it's already the 4th of January!!! Can you believe it? Gosh I sure can. I'm getting reminded everyday about how fast time is flying!!! So I don't have internet at my house at the moment but I'm hoping it will come back on soon!

So updates:
- my pregnancy is almost over!!!
...I'm giving birth on Friday 01/07/2011.
- my daughter is pretending she's the queen of the house especially with her tantrums.
- if someone asks me one more time if I'm ready for the baby I'm gonna hit you. Question to really ask yourself is "will you ever be ready for a new baby?"
- I've been married for 5 months when my son is born!!

Nothing else really thats just random gibberish. I saw two good movies so far this year "Easy A" and "Step up 3". Great movies!

Anyways I have a whole lot to do still before baby boy is born! Today is tuesday and I get admitted into the hospital on Thursday! Ugh. I haven't washed his laundry, didn't purchase his car seat and stroller, and my penpals are having a cow about late responses!

Anyways until next time!!!

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