Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Kandi Girl

So, I have been stumbling on quite of a lot blogspot bloggers who are shutter lovers. Now when I mean shutter lovers I mean in love with taking pictures, like me. But, since I gave up on a co-founded business and since having my son I haven't picked up my camera. It's collecting dust in my husbands closet. Like, c'mon ashley hop on it. I have been getting inspired to do some of the following challenges like iheartfaces and other random blogs like lgphotographyblog, ashleysisk, and so on so forth. I even get onto Flickr now to update my 365 album on a day to day but it's not like going OUT and taking a bunch of pictures. I'm hoping with my uncle, aunty, and grandma come to visit at the end of the month I'll be able to go on that nature hike with my uncle to do some photo sessions. I miss taking pictures. I think when I didn't put my camera down was my most happiest moments. When I had my daughter I went crazy taking pictures of everything and anything resembling her. With my son, I'm trying. I remember my cousin saying "with my daughter (her first child) I took pictures of a lot of things but when I head sean (her 2nd child, her first son) I don't have as much or even as much as my first". I don't want to feel like that. I know you want to capture any moment you have with your children but sometimes it's hard to take pictures with my TWO kids.

I had a started a company with a friend of mine and he totally blew me like a lollipop. That guy was a total douche to me. I mean, totally disrespectful. And, him and I were friends for over 13years and it's just - amazing. But you just either CAN or CAN'T work with a friend. My family warned me, my best friend warned me, and the world pretty much told me he can't be trusted. But see, I don't look at those people like that. I believe in chances and if I can't or won't give chances how am I suppose to get chances in return?

I'm really missing my photography life. Hey, if you're a photographer, what'd you name your business? Or even just your name of your photographer for branding? I need to come up with a name for my stamp. Like, I have JAF photography for now which is my husband & I. But I want a name branding. hmm Ideas?

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  1. If you didn't live so stinkin' far away I would let you take pictures of my girls...and I didn't want to forget or get busy and not take as many pics of Mackenzie as I did of Allie, so I've just made myself carry my camera away and I basically put it on my "to-do list" every day. But sometimes it is just soooo hard when you are chasing a almost 3 year old around too.