Movie Review: Chloe

Title: Chloe
Rating: 5*
Actors: Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried and Liam Neeson
Website: IMDb.

I was asked to see this by our cousins girlfriend which was kind of because I was speaking about this exotic novel I was talking about. Took me awhile to get my husband to actually "borrow" it. lol. But anyways, this is about a woman who suspects that her husband is having an affair. So, being that she's a doctor her office overlooks the street and down the pathway from her office is a motel. And she always sees this young lady coming in and out of that place. So, one day she meets this young girl and she asks her to meet up with her husband and see if he'll even LOOK her way. And when a story develops the wife chickens out but it's too late. Too much has already happened between her husband and Chloe. So, the wife has asked Chloe to tell her (the wife) every detail about how he touches her, how he feels her, what she does to him, etc. And, it's like over and over each meeting. Everytime that the husband comes home the wife always suspects that he's having an affair and it's not only with Chloe.

So, in the heat of their confusion Chloe continues to be asked to see the wifes husband and the wife continues to want to be fed all of the details of their affair. So, one day the wife goes to their hotel room that the husband and Chloe was suppose to meet up at and realizes that within all of that heat of detail and fantasizing about their affair - the wife draws in and asks Chloe to touch her the way her husband touches Chloe. So, she does it. So now that the tables have turned she realizes that she has made a mistake by having an affair with Chloe. But in the midst of it all everything becomes clear for her. She no longer wants to see Chloe, but all Chloe want is to see her. So, what happens?

Chloe continues to make unannounced visits to the wifes office. And, well - Chloe develops feelings for the wife and in the end it was Chloes' fantasies that was being touched on the wife. So, the wife meets her husband in the coffee shop to tell her about her affair with Chloe. Only to find out that her husband was not having an affair. It was all in the mind of a young woman who craved the sexual fantasies of his wife. Interesting.

I'm telling you. If you want a weird twisted story, watch this. It's kind of interesting. Talk about a PG Porn. lol. No joke.