Saturday, March 26, 2011

Been too long

Wow. It definitely has been too long and where do I begin? I've been just out of the loop lately with the whole internet (well in general). I was into the hype now I'm slowly dying down. I'm also just relaxing a lot lately. Tonight is ladies night and majority of my girls that's heading out tonight - are mommies! So, we MAMAs NEED A BREAK. Long awaited. For me, it's almost been 8 months. I'm ready for it to come right back with me (=

Umm. Since the tsunami, Hawaii has been in recovery mode and well it didn't hit us dramatically so no damage severely done but lets just say there were damage. It was suppose to hit Kauai first but obviously hmm.. it hit Maui & the Big Island the hardest. But, in honor of Japan the club is wearing red tonight!

Ugh, I'm hungry again. Shrimp Curry was on the menu tonight and now I've got the hungeryyy for some BBQ. Boo. Anyways, I shall get going. Gotta get ready!